Musings on Kate Spade

original kate spade bag photo
External Expression of Internal Relationship

Although I’ve never owned a Kate Spade handbag, I have admired many. I can remember when her name first came to represent the simple black bags made of fabric and how quickly these fashion staples began to grace the arms of women seemingly everywhere.

Kate Spade items always had a unique elegance. Her pieces were understated, and this made a big statement of contrast in the sea of more flashy, more logo centric bags that dominated the market in the early 90s.

I’ve always remembered something that I read about Kate and her first pitch to a major retailer. The story goes that Kate was studying her uncomplicated handbags the night before she was scheduled to present her designs to the high-end buyers. In this moment, she decided on a whim to remove all the labels with her block printed name from inside of the bags and stitch them to the outside. She and her husband spent the entire night carefully resewing each label to the front of the simple bags.

It was this one design element that took a rather unremarkable handbag and made it an international brand—instantly recognizable and instantly unique.

As an Apostolic woman, I may seem plain to some. My choice to reject the world’s standards of a woman’s beauty, my choice to dress modestly, and my choice to age naturally may make me unremarkable in the eyes of many. However, it also makes me a blank canvas. A canvas to which an Almighty God can affix with precious blood his Name for all to see. And… that changes everything.

Rest in peace Kate Spade

From an admirer of your creativity,
Jaye M. Rodenbush

Kate Spade jpeg

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