What’s in a Song?

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We know song is powerful. We know it has influence. We know it affects the minds and hearts of our children. Someone once said, “If you want to know something about their world, get to know their music.” Yet, transitioning from parenting small children to parenting preteens and teens can be difficult. Going to the next level is hard. We were good at the nursery rhymes and the little bedtime routine songs, but when they start listening to their own music the challenge to stay connected and involved is in some ways much harder.

Admit it, “The Wheels on the Bus” probably wasn’t your favorite song. However, you listened anyway. You made silly faces. You got into it. Yet, as our kids age, too many of us become less engaged with our kid’s music choices, precisely at the time when it matters the most. We make sure everyone has their own set of headphones, their own playlists, their own iPods and music becomes a solitary activity instead of something enjoyed and discussed together.

No one needs a lecture to know that the lyrics of today’s secular music are more sexualized, more violent, contain more graphic content than ever before. But, perhaps we do need reminded that what’s in a song is more than words. Songs are ideas – concepts – philosophies – (sermons really), set to catchy tunes that take up residence in hearts and minds. Ideas that impact how one sees the world and ideas that influence how one thinks and how one behaves. That is power!


Song. Music. Rhythm. Rhyme.

Its resonance sweeps through the mind,
and in a heart a place it finds.

Its intention though I may not see.
But what’s in the song, is now in me.

Sometimes it’s a whisper, peaceful.
Sometimes it’s a voice alluring, blissful.

Other times with powerful force,
an emotion is struck and it stops my course.

A single tear or a fountain flows,
all because the song knows.

A song can cut through the toughest defenses,
tearing with ease those emotional fences.

Great moments of worship,
great moments of praise.

The right song can change spirits
on even the worst of days.

A song of worship can inspire the heart
alter emotion, make sadness depart.

But the gift God gave his children for joy,
Satan lays wait, intent to destroy.

So he mixes song with violence and evil
indulging the fleshly desires of the people.

Songs once reserved for holy demonstration
Serve now to display Satan’s manipulation.

The music plays on, crowds mindlessly cheer
No self-reflection, no moral compass to steer.

So what’s in a song, and why should I care?
What does it matter? It isn’t a prayer!

But the song has purpose, an agenda to fulfill
Songs look for hearts and bend their will.

What’s in the song is now in me.
The work’s been done. Can we not see?

Right looks wrong and wrong looks right.
The songs kept leading right into the night.

How did we get here? Where are we now?
The darkness is frightening!
Can we exit somehow?

It was just music, just rhythm, just rhyme…
a composers refrain, and us all keeping time.

But wait…

It’s more than just words. It’s more than a beat.
A song can bring thousands to knees or to feet.

We must reclaim the song.
Lift up our King, a great army, strong.

A song is worship, a song is praise
A song is an anthem of adoration to raise.

A song is a weapon that can help set me free.
Because what’s in the song is in me!

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